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Cleveland MCA Defense Business Debt Relief

Our website is We are not a law firm but we have attorneys who can help, as a part of our service. Our phone number is 212-210-1851.

Overview of Business Debt Relief

If you run a small business in Cleveland, chances are you may have heard about or worked with merchant cash advance (MCA) companies as a financing option. MCAs provide quick access to capital by essentially purchasing a percentage of your future credit card sales.However, MCAs often come with very high interest rates and aggressive repayment terms that can put extreme pressure on small businesses. Many companies find themselves falling behind on payments and facing threats of repayment via confession of judgement (COJ) clauses. This can allow the MCA company to raid business bank accounts or assets without notice.At Delancey Street, our business debt relief programs are designed specifically to help companies regain control of their finances when faced with predatory MCA loans. We have extensive experience negotiating, settling, and restructuring this type of business debt to protect your assets.

How We Approach MCA Debt Relief

Our attorneys and financial experts take a customized, client-focused approach:

  • We conduct an in-depth analysis of your MCA agreement(s) to identify potential defenses
  • We negotiate directly with your MCA lender(s) to reduce balances and create affordable payment plans
  • If needed, we leverage legal defenses to invalidate or limit enforcement of COJ clauses
  • We always aim to settle debts at significant discounts off the claimed balances

Throughout the process we make sure you understand all available options so you can make fully informed decisions. Our goal is always your long-term financial stability.

Common MCA Agreement Problems

Over the years we have encountered many issues with how MCA companies structure their loans:

  • Excessively high effective interest rates often exceeding 100%+ APR
  • Overestimates of future credit card sales used to determine loan amounts
  • Very short repayment terms (often less than 9 months)
  • COJ clauses entered without proper attorney review
  • Threats to freeze bank accounts or seize assets without notice
  • Failure to properly register as lenders in accordance with state laws

These types of contractual problems can provide opportunities to invalidate debts or negotiate reduced payoff amounts.

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Legal Defenses Against Predatory MCA Loans

Cleveland businesses do have protections against some of the most abusive MCA lending practices. Potential defenses our attorneys explore include:

Usury Violations

  • MCA rates exceeding 25% APR cap under Ohio state law
  • Penalties include debt cancellation and repayment of all interest paid

Unconscionable Agreement Terms

  • Unreasonably harsh repayment requirements
  • Blocking access to detailed payment histories
  • Unilateral ability to raid bank accounts
  • Grounds to invalidate entire agreement

Breach of Covenant of Good Faith

  • Structuring loans based on unrealistic sales projections
  • Hiding key information needed for informed consent
  • Negotiating in bad faith during settlement talks

What Our Business Debt Relief Services Include

If you engage our company for MCA debt relief services, here is an overview of what we provide:

1. Free Consultation

  • In-depth review of your MCA agreements and business finances
  • Explanation of all debt relief and defense options available
  • Customized advice tailored to your unique situation

2. Debt Negotiations

  • Direct settlement talks with your MCA lender(s)
  • Leveraging of any legal or contractual defenses
  • Negotiating discounted payoff amounts
  • Flexible extended repayment terms

3. Legal Services

  • Drafting of settlement agreements and releases
  • Advice on asset protection strategies
  • Filing complaints against predatory lenders
  • Defending against collection lawsuits
  • Resolving tax liabilities related to settled debt

4. Ongoing Support

  • Guidance to improve business financial practices
  • Referrals to accounting and tax professionals
  • Post-settlement reviews to ensure compliance
  • Assistance if new issues emerge down the road

Our ultimate goal is always protecting your business assets and setting you back on the path to financial stability.

Addressing Common Client Concerns

Over the years, we have worked with many small business owners struggling with overwhelming MCA debt. We know this can be an incredibly stressful situation. Some of the most common concerns new clients express include:

Will negotiating make my situation worse?

This is very understandable fear when you feel trapped by predatory loans. However, in our experience carefully executed settlement talks often reduce immediate threats. Lenders face reality that pressing too hard risks nonpayment. Good-faith efforts also show courts you tried resolving disputes.

Can’t they just raid my bank accounts?

Freezing accounts is possible but has risks for lenders too – they still need you in business generating sales from which to collect. Even with COJ clauses there are still procedural requirements we can defend against. We have tools to help protect accounts during talks.

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Why settle for less when I owe the full amount?

You only owe lenders what can reasonably be repaid from business sales. Most MCA contracts violate state laws against usury lending, negating obligation to pay interest and fees above 25%. Other defenses can invalidate debts entirely. Discounts also reflect uncertainty of winning in court.

How can you stop threats against my personal assets?

Business debts normally cannot be collected directly from personal assets like houses or cars. We ensure lenders follow legal procedures that give you due process to defend against any improper overreach. If needed we can explore options like corporate veil protections.

How We Strive to Help Our Small Business Clients

Delancey Street was founded specifically to provide a compassionate alternative to traditional lenders profiting from small business struggles. We believe in handling even very difficult financial situations with patience and understanding.Our team members have over 20 years combined experience guiding companies through debt crises. We have worked with hundreds of small business clients across Ohio and have negotiated over $250 million in debt relief.Every client matters equally to us. Whether you owe $25,000 or $2,500,000, our commitment to your success remains the same. We measure results not by profits but by the number of livelihoods preserved.At Delancey Street we strive to embody ideals of empathy, integrity and service. We invite you to start a conversation with us to see if we might be able to help your business move towards a better financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there upfront fees to work with Delancey Street?

A: No. Our only fees are contingent on successfully negotiating debt relief on your behalf. If we do not secure savings for your business, there is no cost obligation.

Q: How long does the process usually take to complete?

A: We typically reach initial settlements within 90-120 days. Finalizing all details and payments can then take another 60-90 days depending on complexity. Priority is methodical resolution rather than rushed results.

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Q: Can you help if my business assets are already being seized?

A: Yes, even ongoing lawsuits are eligible for our debt relief programs since legal defenses remain available. Settlements often persuade plaintiffs to halt further enforcement efforts as good faith gestures. We can negotiate returns of seized collateral.

Q: I worry about credit score damage. Can you prevent that?

A: We mitigate credit impacts by ensuring proper reporting of settled debts. Post-settlement credit counseling services are also available to start rebuilding scores. Most importantly though, we prioritize saving your business itself over credit scores.

Q: What differentiates Delancey Street from debt settlement companies?

A: We go beyond simple settlement by providing legal and tax supports plus long-term guidance on improving business financial practices. Our team has over 50 years combined small business ownership experience. We understand the challenges because we have lived them ourselves.

Contact Our Team Today to Start the Conversation

If you are struggling with overwhelming merchant cash advance debt, the team at Delancey Street invites you to get in touch today. Call us at 212-210-1851 for a free, no-obligation consultation, or request a callback using our simple online contact form.We are always happy to discuss your unique situation, answer any questions you may have, and explore how we might be able to help protect your business assets. We handle all cases with the strictest confidentiality and without any judgment whatsoever.Small business is the backbone of every local community. When companies struggle, neighborhoods suffer. At Delancey Street we are passionate about doing our part to support the small businesses that support all of us in our daily lives.We hope to have the privilege of assisting your company’s recovery journey back to financial health and stability. Please do not hesitate to reach out and start the conversation with our caring professionals today.



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