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Dallas MCA Defense Business Debt Relief

Getting behind on business debt payments can be stressful and overwhelming. If your Dallas business has merchant cash advance (MCA) loans or other debts you are struggling to pay, there are options to find relief. Understanding the legal protections and strategies available can empower you to resolve debt and get your business back on track.

How MCA Loans Work

Merchant cash advances provide businesses with lump sums of capital in exchange for a percentage of future sales. This type of financing appeals to many small businesses because:

  • Fast access to capital without stringent credit requirements
  • Repayment terms tied to sales revenue rather than fixed monthly payments
  • Funds usable for any business need from inventory to marketing

However, there are also downsides to be aware of with MCA loans:

  • Very high effective interest rates often exceeding 100% APR
  • Daily repayments that can drain cash flow if sales dip
  • Vague contract terms and aggressive collection tactics

While MCAs offer easy money upfront, the burden of repayment can become unmanageable for struggling businesses. But legal protections exist in Texas to defend business owners from predatory lending practices.

Texas Protections Against Predatory MCA Loans

Merchant cash advance companies operate in a legal gray area outside of regulations governing traditional loans. But certain Texas statutes have been applied by courts to void MCA contracts or reduce owed balances in cases of:

Usury Violations

  • Texas law caps interest rates on commercial loans at 18-28% APR depending on the size of the lender
  • MCA effective rates often far exceed these limits due to huge fees and short repayment terms
  • Proving usury can invalidate entire contracts under Texas law
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Unconscionable Conduct

  • General contract law provides remedies when terms unreasonably favor one party
  • Failure to adequately disclose fees and policies found unconscionable in some MCA cases
  • Can result in fees and interest being invalidated to create reasonable contract

Deceptive Trade Practices

  • Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act bans false or misleading statements made during sales
  • MCA companies have misrepresented approval odds or failed to disclose key contract terms
  • Violations allow businesses to sue MCA lenders for 3x damages plus attorneys fees

Relying on these protections, Dallas business owners have won lawsuits invalidating six-figure MCA debts. But fighting in court still involves financial and legal risks. Understanding all options for negotiating debt relief outside of court is key.

First Step: Seek Reasonable Repayment Terms

If falling behind on payments to an MCA company, first explain your situation and try to work out new repayment terms. While some MCA lenders immediately threaten legal action at signs of distress, others will grant concessions to maximize eventual repayment. Possible options to seek include:

  • Lower fixed weekly/monthly payments
  • Interest rate reductions
  • Partial balance forgiveness
  • Payment holidays during seasonal dips

Coming to the table with financial records demonstrating business hardship and repayment ability is key to getting MCA companies to negotiate alternative arrangements. Reasonable lenders will work to find terms sustainable for the business rather than forcing unaffordable payments that lead to default.

Seeking Legal Representation

If MCA lenders refuse to negotiate and continue aggressive collection efforts, retaining legal counsel may be necessary to assert your rights. Texas business attorneys can review MCA contracts to spot unlawful terms and abusive conduct. They can also negotiate on your behalf to reach a reasonable settlement. Potential outcomes lawyers can help secure include:

  • Rate and Fee Reductions – If usury violations are clear, lawyers can leverage that to lower interest rates to legal limits and invalidate improper fees. This greatly reduces repayment balances.
  • Favorable Payment Plans – Attorneys negotiate revised payment plans matching business cash flows without the threat of default. This creates sustainability.
  • Partial Balance Forgiveness – Creditors often reduce balances by 30-70% to avoid further legal action when unlawful lending practices are uncovered.
  • Contract Invalidation – In cases of outright fraud and deception, it may be possible to void the MCA contract and eliminate the asserted debt entirely.
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With legal leverage on your side, most predatory MCA companies back down. But credible legal representation is essentialContact our office for a free case review if you have received an MCA demand letter or are sued for nonpayment. Our experienced lawyers understand MCA company tactics and help Dallas business owners fight back.

Making Things Right in Bankruptcy

For businesses facing debts from multiple sources beyond just MCA loans, filing Chapter 11 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the most effective path to a fresh start. This legally halts collections and creates an organized process for settling debts.

Chapter 11 Reorganization

Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows you to restructure and modify debt payments under court supervision while continuing business operations. Key benefits include:

  • All collection efforts halted immediately upon filing
  • Existing debts paid over 3-5 years based on earnings rather than original terms
  • Opportunity to void contracts signed under financial distress
  • Time to stabilize operations and correct cash flow issues

Chapter 11 gives breathing room and flexibility to reshape finances. But it involves extensive legal participation and court oversight.

Chapter 7 Liquidation

Chapter 7 bankruptcy means closing down current business operations and selling assets to pay creditors. Any remaining unpaid debt after liquidating assets is legally eliminated. Chapter 7 outcomes vary widely case-by-case based on assets and debts:

  • Best option for businesses without significant hard assets
  • Commonly used to discharge overwhelming personal debts assumed for the business
  • Allows starting a new business in the future unburdened by old debt

Chapter 7 filings liquidate rather than restructure, so only make sense for unviable businesses. But the debt elimination can provide a clean slate.Get a free consultation with our bankruptcy attorneys to discuss if bankruptcy makes sense for your situation. The decision should not be taken lightly but may be the surest path to shedding abusive debts.

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Fight Back Against Predatory MCA Companies

Dallas business owners dealing with merchant cash advance distress have more options than they realize. Unreasonable payment demands and aggressive collections likely violate Texas law. Contact our office for a free review of your MCA contracts and debt accounts. Our lawyers can then negotiate better repayment terms, settle balances, and if necessary represent you in court against predatory lenders. Don’t wait – assert your rights and get your finances back on track today.




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