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Detroit MCA Business Debt Relief

Running a small business is extremely difficult, especially when facing financial struggles. If your Detroit business has outstanding debts or loans that are difficult to repay, you may benefit from working with a professional debt relief company. Our team at Delancey Street has extensive experience helping business owners in Detroit restructure, settle, and eliminate burdensome business debt.

How We Can Help With Your Business Debt

Our dedicated experts have helped countless Detroit business owners through our customized debt relief programs. We take the time to understand your unique situation in order to create a tailored action plan. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Debt Settlement – We negotiate directly with your creditors and merchants to settle outstanding balances for less than you owe. Many Detroit business owners have saved thousands through our debt settlement services.
  • Debt Consolidation – We can roll multiple Detroit business debts into one manageable payment plan so you have a single monthly payment at a lower interest rate.
  • MCA & Business Loan Restructuring – If you have fallen behind on business loan or merchant cash advance (MCA) payments, we can rework the terms so the debt is more affordable.
  • Improving Cash Flow – Beyond just debt relief, our advisors can evaluate your finances to help improve cash flow, profit margins, and other aspects of financial health.

No matter what kinds of debts your Detroit business is facing, our team has the expertise to create a customized action plan to help regain financial freedom.

Why Delancey Street?

Delancey Street is not a law firm, but we do have attorneys available to provide counsel as part of our comprehensive business debt relief services. When researching debt relief companies, it’s important to understand what sets us apart:

  • Industry Experience – Our dedicated advisors specialize in business debt relief and have negotiated with a wide range of creditors, lenders, and merchants.
  • Customized Plans – We take a consultative approach, listening to the details of your situation before creating a tailored debt relief strategy.
  • Exceptional Results – On average, our clients reduce their debts by 50-80% through our negotiating and debt restructuring services.
  • Client Education – We not only provide financial relief in the short term, but also educate on best practices for long-term business financial health.
  • Personal Service – From start to finish, you get white-glove service from a dedicated debt specialist assigned to your case.
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If you have any questions about our business debt relief services or would like a free initial consultation, please give us a call at 212-210-1851. Our experts are standing by!

Common Questions About Detroit Business Debt Relief

What types of debts do you help with?We provide debt relief and restructuring services for nearly all types of Detroit small business debts. Some of the most common we help with include:

  • Business Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs)
  • Equipment Financing Loans
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Outstanding Invoices
  • Business Tax Debts

No matter the type or source of your balances owed, our advisors have the expertise to negotiate debt relief.What information do you need to get started?The great news is that getting started with our business debt relief services is quick and easy! To begin, we just need some basic details about your overall debt situation such as:

  • Total debts owed
  • Breakdown of debts by type, amount, and creditor
  • Payment history – months behind, if any
  • Collateral tied to the debts, if applicable
  • Overall financial situation of your Detroit business

With this information, our advisors can provide an initial consultation to discuss your debt relief options. We will gather any other needed details as we develop your customized action plan.How quickly can you help settle my debts?Every situation is unique, but we pride ourselves on providing rapid debt relief. We leverage our extensive experience negotiating debts for an accelerated timeline. In many cases for Detroit business owners, we’ve been able to:

  • Stop collections calls and lawsuits within 1-2 weeks
  • Settle the first debt within 30-60 days
  • Resolve all debts within 6-12 months
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The key is acting quickly once you engage our debt relief services so we can intervene on your behalf with creditors. The sooner we can start negotiations, the faster we are typically able to settle outstanding balances.Can you help if my debts are in collections or I’ve had a lawsuit?Absolutely! In fact, the sooner you engage our business debt relief services when debts go into collections or legal action is threatened, the more leverage we have to negotiate and the more money we can potentially save you. Even if a judgement has been made against your Detroit business, our advisors can help by:

  • Negotiating with collectors to resolve debts and avoid garnishments
  • Working out settlements so any judgements can be vacated
  • Halting legal action so you have time to pay settlements
  • Helping improve cash flow to handle new payment plans

So yes – no matter what stage of delinquency your business debts are in, we have the experience to provide relief. The key is to contact us for help right away.

Detroit Business Debt Relief Reviews

“The financial hardship letter that Delancey Street helped us draft stopped the non-stop calls from creditors and debt collectors. For the first time in months, I can focus on my business rather than dealing with harassment over debts.” – Mark S., Detroit Restaurant Owner“I didn’t think there was anything I could do about my past-due equipment financing loan. But Delancey Street negotiated a deal to have 75% of my balance waived – the remaining 25% they set up on affordable payment terms. It’s like a fresh start!” – Jennifer W., Detroit Retail Shop Owner“Delancey Street worked closely with my attorney to deal with business debts that were tied up in litigation. Not only did they negotiate amazing settlements, they also helped me better understand cash flow and profitability. My Detroit company is now thriving thanks to their comprehensive debt relief guidance.” – David C., Detroit Marketing Agency Owner

How the Debt Relief Process Works

If you are a Detroit small business owner struggling with outstanding debts, here is an overview of how our simple 3-step process works:

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Step 1: Free Consultation & Plan Development

During an initial phone call, our advisors will discuss your situation, debts owed, and financial goals. We will then analyze your debts, creditors, payment history, and more before presenting customized debt relief options. If you wish to move forward, we develop a detailed action plan and begin drafting requests and letters to start negotiations.

Step 2: Negotiations & Settlements

Once signed letters are sent, our advisors take over all negotiations with your creditors. We leverage extensive experience to negotiate debt relief in the form of reduced balances, waived fees, altered interest rates, and more flexible payment plans. Our experts handle all discussions while keeping you informed each step of the way.

Step 3: Debt Resolution & Improved Financial Health

As settlements are reached and debts resolved, we focus on restoring long-term business financial health. Our advisors provide guidance on cash flow, profitability, contingency planning, and more. We also ensure any new payment plans are affordable so you can avoid future delinquency.In most cases, we help Detroit business owners completely resolve all outstanding debts within 6-12 months through settlements while also improving financial practices. And throughout the process, you get access to a dedicated specialist who understands your personal situation.

Contact Delancey Street for a Free Consultation

If your Detroit small business is struggling under the burden of unmanageable debts, the experienced team at Delancey Street can help provide relief. We have a proven track record of settling business debts for reduced payoffs and negotiating flexible repayment plans.To get started with a free debt relief consultation today:Call: 212-210-1851Visit: https://www.delanceystreet.comOur advisors understand the stress felt by Detroit business owners facing financial hardship. We work quickly to resolve debts through customized solutions so you can get back to growth and prosperity. Contact Delancey Street now and let us help negotiate your path to financial freedom!

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