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As a small business owner struggling with debt, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. Delancey Street understands the complex financial situations entrepreneurs face and is here to help. Our team, led by Steven Raiser, provides comprehensive debt relief services to put business owners on a path to financial freedom.

How We Help With Business Debt

  • Debt Settlement – We negotiate with creditors to reduce balances owed. This provides immediate financial relief.
  • Debt Restructuring – We work with lenders to improve loan terms so payments become more affordable.
  • Legal Defense – Our attorneys defend clients against aggressive, unfair collection practices.

At Delancey Street, we take a personalized approach to each client’s situation. We conduct a free financial analysis to understand total obligations and then leverage our relationships with creditors to provide tailored solutions.

Meet The Team

Steven Raiser serves as Delancey Street’s Chief Legal Officer. As a former New York prosecutor, he brings exceptional experience defending small business owners from unethical collection agencies. Steven leads negotiations with creditors, develops legal strategies, and protects our clients.We also have financial experts, accountants, business consultants and support staff. Each member of our team cares deeply about our clients’ success. We will answer your call 24/7 and make ourselves available whenever needed.

Our Record Of Success

Delancey Street has helped thousands of small business owners significantly reduce and restructure debt:


Why Delancey Street?

We are passionate about helping small business owners and provide services that other firms can’t match:Comprehensive Solutions – We don’t just settle debt. We provide legal defense, restructure financing, negotiate with creditors and more. Our exhaustive services provide complete debt relief.Personalized Guidance – Each client works directly with our CEO Vinay Metharamani. He takes your calls, understands your needs and ensures you get white-glove service.Risk-Free Help – We offer free consultations and only get paid if we successfully reduce your debt. This guarantees we fight for the best possible outcome.Rapid Response – We start working the day you sign up and leverage our great relationships with lenders to expedite relief. We don’t waste time.Trusted Track Record – Our firm has helped thousands of clients and maintains flawless accreditation. You can feel 100% confident in our capabilities.

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Risk-Free Consultation

Contact Delancey Street today for a free, no-obligation debt consultation. Speak directly with our CEO Vinay to:

  • Review your current financial situation
  • Create a personalized debt relief plan
  • Answer any questions you have

We are always available to take your call at 212-210-1851. You can also request a callback on our website.Our team will carefully analyze your business’ finances, including debts owed, collateralized assets, payroll, operating expenses, accounts receivable and personal obligations.We utilize this information to model cash flow, identify opportunities to reduce lender payments, and formulate a step-by-step plan to stabilize your finances.

How We Settle Business Debt

If your business owes money to creditors or lenders, debt settlement may provide immediate financial relief. This is how it works:

  • Stop Collections – We notify lenders to stop contact and harassment while we negotiate on your behalf. This provides immediate peace of mind.
  • Gather Info – We thoroughly analyze all outstanding balances, loan terms, collateral, personal guarantees and other factors. This informs negotiation strategy.
  • Negotiate Discounts – Leveraging our great relationships with lenders, we negotiate discounts off the balances owed. Discounts typically range from 40-60%.
  • Set Up Payment Plan – We establish affordable payment plans for the reduced settlement amounts. Terms usually span 3-5 years. Monthly payments drop dramatically.
  • Legally Record – Once negotiations finish, we legally record settlement agreements with lenders to ensure all terms are binding. This guarantees your new lower payments.

Settling debt provides massive savings and cash flow relief. With more money each month, you reinvest in business growth.

Legal Protections From Unfair Collections

Aggressive collections agencies frequently harass small business owners struggling with debt. Their tactics include:

  • Hundreds of robo-calls per week
  • Baseless threats to seize assets or garnish wages
  • False representations of legal authority
  • Calls outside permissible hours
  • Discussing debt with unauthorized third-parties

These practices violate federal and state debt collection laws. As your legal counsel, Delancey Street will stop this harassment in its tracks.We send formal notices under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act informing collectors they must cease contact. Any further communication opens them to lawsuits.If they ignore notices and continue illegal practices, our lawyers file complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Creditors face heavy fines and penalties.We also directly negotiate with primary lenders to revoke collection agency authorizations. This forces them to call off their dogs.Finally, if needed, we pursue litigation against collectors that persist with harassment. Financial judgements punish them for illegal conduct.With Delancey Street’s legal muscle protecting you, unfair collections practices end immediately. We shift focus to constructive debt reduction discussions with primary lenders.

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How We Restructure Business Debt

Settling outstanding balances through negotiation provides immediate financial relief. However, businesses usually carry some debt through lines of credit, loans and merchant cash advances essential to operations.Delancey Street works with lenders to restructure these financing vehicles so payments become more affordable. This enhances ongoing cash flow.We employ various proven techniques to improve borrowing terms:Interest Rate Reductions – We leverage our relationships with banks/credit unions to lower interest rates by 2-4% or more. This directly reduces monthly payments.Extend Length – Restructuring agreements to make payment periods longer reduces monthly cash outlays. We typically secure 5-7 year lengths.Adjust Payment Schedule – We negotiate to make payments interest only initially. This defers principal. We then gradually phase full amortizations. This moderates cash impacts.Waive Fees – Banks often agree to waive various fees like late charges, origination expenses and prepayment penalties. This provides additional savings.Personal Guarantee Release – For some loans, owners guarantee repayment with personal assets. We try securing releases from these clauses. This eliminates risk.Through combinations of these techniques, we restructure debt so it becomes easy to manage. This provides long-term sustainability.

Why Legal Defense Matters

When small businesses endure financial hardship, some merchant cash advance providers employ unsavory tactics hoping to recoup capital quickly. These include:

  • Imposing exorbitant interest rates exceeding 100%
  • Structuring agreements merchants can’t actually repay
  • Using deceptive language hiding true costs
  • Strong-arming extra payments by threatening owners

These practices clearly violate state usury and lender fraud laws. However most small business owners lack resources to pursue recourse. So predatory lenders operate unchecked.Delancey Street levels the playing field. Our seasoned lawyers have successfully counteracted similar underhanded tactics from payday lenders, credit card issuers and banks.We apply the same playbook to defend small business owners against unethical merchant cash advance companies. This includes:

  • Demand letters outlining violations and threatening litigation if conduct doesn’t change
  • Regulatory complaints alerting oversight agencies to investigate unlawful practices
  • Lawsuits against the worst offenders seeking financial judgements
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The combination of our legal pressure and media attention typically compels them to cease immoral behavior immediately. They then become much more amenable to negotiating reasonable repayment terms.This illustrates why Delancey Street’s incorporation of legal services creates uniquely effective debt relief for small business owners. We force positive outcomes through exercising client rights.

Answers To Common Questions

Delancey Street receives countless inquiries from small business owners seeking debt relief. Below we answer some frequently asked questions:

How long before you make progress?

  • We achieve initial settlements within 90 days on average. Some cases resolve even quicker.

Will settling debt hurt my credit?

  • Settling has little impact on already distressed credit. Improving cash flow actually helps credit rebuild quicker.

How do I get started?

  • Simply call 212-210-1851 for a free consultation. Or request a callback on our website and our CEO will personally reach out.

Why should I choose Delancey Street?

  • We offer fully integrated debt relief services that other firms can’t match. And we have an incredible track record of success stories.

Start Your Debt Relief Journey

If excessive business debt keeps you up at night, know there are better days ahead. Delancey Street provides proven solutions to dramatically reduce and restructure what you owe.Through combining debt negotiation, legal services and financing restructuring, we create holistic financial relief. Thousands of small business owners now sleep soundly after working with us.To start your debt relief journey, call 212-210-1851 or visit our website for a free consultation today. Our passionate team looks forward to helping you.

Delancey Street is here for you

Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

"Super fast, and super courteous, Delancey Street is amazing"
$500,000 MCA Restructured Over 3 Years
"Thanks for helping me in literally 24 hours"
$250,000 SBA Loan Offer in Compromise
"Great choice for business owners who need a trustworthy partner"
$350,000 MCA Restructured Over 2 Years

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