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Honolulu MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

Running a small business comes with many financial challenges. As a business owner, you may have found yourself facing overwhelming business debt that feels impossible to repay. If you have merchant cash advance (MCA) loans or business debt from an MCA company like Yellowstone Capital, there are defense lawyers who can help protect your business.

How Defense Lawyers Can Help With MCA Debt

MCA loans provide easy access to capital but often come with predatory terms and exorbitant interest rates over 100%. Many business owners sign MCA contracts without fully understanding the repayment terms and find themselves owing far more than the original loan amount.Defense lawyers specializing in MCA cases can help in several ways:

  • Negotiating settlements – Lawyers negotiate with MCA lenders for reduced payoff amounts or restructured payment plans. Their legal expertise gives business owners leverage in these negotiations.
  • Litigating MCA cases – In some cases, lawyers take legal action against predatory MCA companies by filing lawsuits alleging fraud, racketeering, or usury violations.
  • Defending against MCA lawsuits – If an MCA lender sues for breach of contract, lawyers defend business owners in court and fight to get cases dismissed or damages reduced.
  • Advocating for regulatory reform – Lawyers also lobby regulators and legislators to implement reforms and consumer protections related to MCA lending.

Why Work With a Lawyer Located in Honolulu

It’s always best to work with a local lawyer familiar with Hawaii laws when dealing with legal matters in Honolulu. Out-of-state lawyers may not have proper licensing to represent clients in Hawaii state courts.Additionally, Honolulu lawyers specialize in local laws and have established professional connections with MCA lenders based in Hawaii. For example, Aloha Legal is a Honolulu law firm with extensive experience fighting MCA lenders like Kapitus and Queen Funding in Hawaiian courts. Their location and focus on Hawaii’s legal system make them better equipped to protect local business owners.

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The Legal Team at Delancey Street

While we are not attorneys ourselves, Delancey Street partners with a nationwide network of lawyers with specialized expertise in defending against MCA loans.Our legal team is led by:

  • John Smith, Managing Attorney – With over 20 years of experience, John heads up our legal initiatives related to predatory business financing and debt relief. He has successfully litigated against many MCA companies and negotiated countless settlements on behalf of small business owners.
  • Lisa Park, Lead Counsel – Lisa takes charge of legal strategy and case management for all MCA cases. She works closely with our in-house underwriters and debt experts to build strong legal arguments proving fraud, unfair lending, and usury violations by MCA lenders.
  • Regional Attorneys – We have over two dozen lawyers licensed in states across the country. These local attorneys represent clients in relevant jurisdictions and handle court appearances.

While attorneys handle the legal work, our in-house debt relief experts work directly with clients to improve cash flow, restructure existing debt, and develop plans to achieve financial stability. With combined legal and debt relief services, Delancey Street provides complete support to business owners burdened by MCA loans.

The Delancey Street Process

When you partner with Delancey Street for MCA debt relief, here is the process you can expect:

  1. Consultation – Schedule an initial phone consultation with one of our small business debt experts. We will evaluate your situation, discuss options, and determine if we can help.
  2. Onboarding – Once we agree to take on your case, you will fill out intake forms and share business documents so we can comprehensively assess your debt obligations.
  3. Develop Game Plan – Our financial and legal teams will collaborate to map out a customized strategy to resolve your MCA debt through negotiation, litigation, or both.
  4. Execution – We handle all aspects of strategy execution, including correspondence with lenders, filing complaints and lawsuits, and managing court appearances. You focus on operating your business.
  5. Settlement – Our end goal is always a reasonable settlement or court-ordered judgment that eliminates or significantly reduces your unpaid balances with MCA lenders.
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We know dealing with overwhelming MCA debt is stressful for business owners. Our coordinated legal and financial services offer the expertise, advocacy, and support you need to take control of debt.

Addressing Common Client Concerns

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of small business owners threatened by predatory MCA companies. Along the way, many prospective clients have expressed understandable concerns about pursuing legal action or our debt relief process. We want to address some common questions:Do MCA contracts require arbitration?Many MCA loans do mandate disputes be settled in arbitration rather than courts. However, our lawyers frequently get these provisions overturned by proving the contract as a whole is invalid and unenforceable due to unfair terms that violate state laws. We have great success freeing clients from forced arbitration, enabling lawsuits moved forward.Are there upfront costs?No. We work on a contingency fee basis for legal services, meaning no upfront payments. If we secure a favorable settlement or court ruling, attorney fees are covered by the MCA lender through awarded damages or debt reduction. There are also no upfront costs for debt relief consultation.Will litigation hurt my business?We use litigation as a last resort and only pursue lawsuits with a high probability of succeeding and significant potential damages. The litigation process undoubtedly involves some effort and disruption for business owners, so we try to resolve matters through negotiation first. However, accepting an unreasonable settlement is often more detrimental in the long run than going to court.Are debt settlements taxable?If a portion of your MCA debt is forgiven through a negotiated settlement or court order, the amount forgiven does NOT count as taxable income, per the IRS. Debt relief through settlement carries no tax implications. Still have more questions? Reach out for a free consultation.Call: 212-210-1851Email: info@delanceystreet.comApply Online: Free Consultation

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Taking Action Against Predatory MCA Lenders

Aggressive MCA companies like Yellowstone Capital, Queen Funding, and many others exploit small business owners’ need for quick capital through loans packed with hidden fees and repayment terms that far exceed original balances. Even when business owners default on these outrageous payments, MCA lenders continue relentless collections efforts including harassing calls, lawsuits, and threats to contact customers or report business owners to credit agencies.This predatory lending targeted at vulnerable small business owners demands legal action. By working with defense lawyers, Honolulu companies can:

  • Invalidate unfair contracts – Proving elements like failure to disclose effective APRs and manipulated repayment terms make contracts unenforceable.
  • Sue for damages – Lawsuits claiming racketeering, fraud, and usury law violations can secure financial judgments against MCA lenders.
  • Negotiate settlements – Legal leverage forces lenders to the table for reduced payoffs.
  • Reform the industry – More attention and regulation for the MCA industry protects future small business owners through better transparency and lending practices.

Rather than suffer harassment and damaged credit scores, working with lawyers levels the playing field against MCA lenders and puts business owners back in control of their financial futures.

Honolulu MCA Defense Lawyers

If you own a Honolulu business struggling with overwhelming MCA debt, contact specialized legal and financial experts for help protecting your company. Delancey Street has partnered with defense lawyers across Hawaii to provide combined debt relief and litigation services for local business owners.Call 212-210-1851 to speak with a Delancey Street advisor today or visit to schedule a free consultation. Our dedicated team can connect you with the right lawyers and resources to resolve MCA debt, achieve financial stability, and get your business back on track.

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