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Mississippi MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

Small business owners in Mississippi facing legal issues with merchant cash advance (MCA) companies may benefit from working with defense lawyers that specialize in this area. Our law firm, located at, provides legal services to assist business owners seeking debt relief and settlement from predatory MCA lending practices.

Understanding Merchant Cash Advances

A merchant cash advance is a form of business financing where an MCA company provides a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for a percentage of future credit card and debit card sales. This differs from a traditional small business loan in that it is technically not a “loan” but rather the purchase of future receivables at a discount.There are pros and cons to MCAs:

  • Quick access to capital based on credit card sales, not personal credit
  • No fixed monthly payments, repayment comes from percentage of daily credit card sales
  • Much higher effective interest rates compared to conventional small business loans
  • MCA contract terms are often unfavorable for the business

While MCAs may seem attractive for quick financing, business owners can easily get trapped in predatory contracts with exorbitant rates and aggressive collection tactics. This is where experienced MCA defense lawyers can help.

Common Legal Issues Facing Mississippi Business Owners

Mississippi business owners who have entered into MCA contracts often face the following legal problems:

  • Breach of contract allegations and lawsuits
  • Harassment and aggressive collection attempts
  • Freezing and attempted seizure of business bank accounts
  • Threats to contact vendors, employees, and customers about owed debt
  • Negative credit reporting over disputed amounts

Most concerning is that the business owner is typically at a disadvantage when dealing directly with seasoned MCA companies and their lawyers. The contracts signed by business owners often contain terms that overwhelmingly favor the MCA company in the event of a dispute.

How Mississippi MCA Defense Lawyers Can Help

Hiring an experienced Mississippi MCA defense lawyer levels the playing field and provides business owners with knowledgeable legal guidance. Potential services our law firm provides include:

  • Contract review – We thoroughly review the MCA contract to identify areas that may be challenged or give the business leverage.
  • Responding to lawsuits – If sued over an MCA contract, we defend business owners in court by contesting improper contract terms.
  • Settlement negotiations – We directly negotiate with MCA companies to reduce owed balances and create affordable repayment plans.
  • Stop harassment – When MCA companies cross legal boundaries with aggressive collections, we send cease and desist notices citing relevant consumer protection laws.

The key is engaging a legal team well-versed in MCA contracts and their weaknesses. Our lawyers have successfully defended Mississippi business owners from some of the largest MCA companies operating nationwide.

Mississippi MCA Defense Lawyers Can Be Your Advocate

Fighting back against predatory MCA companies is difficult without strong legal advocates on your side. Our firm’s approach is to aggressively defend Mississippi business owners by leveraging our extensive experience dealing with MCA contract disputes.We offer free consultations to review your situation and provide expert guidance on your options. If we take on your case, you get the support of a full legal team dedicated to protecting your interests.Contact our Mississippi MCA defense lawyers today at 212-210-1851 for a free consultation, or visit to learn more.

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Common MCA Company Tactics and How Lawyers Respond

MCA companies utilize a range of aggressive and legally questionable tactics to pressure business owners into paying. However, experienced MCA defense lawyers are familiar with these approaches and can effectively respond.

Harassment Over Payment Status

  • MCA companies may call the business owner incessantly requesting updates on when the next payment will be made. They often have dedicated account reps who hound business owners daily.
  • Our lawyers send formal notices under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act citing harassment over payment status. This usually significantly reduces or ceases frequent status calls.

Freezing or Attempting to Seize Bank Accounts

  • MCAs contain language granting them the contractual right to freeze business bank accounts and take deposited funds if they allege a default.
  • We dispute defaults and send notices that any account freeze or seizure attempts will prompt immediate legal action for violations of banking laws. This makes the MCA company cautious to avoid potential counterclaims.

Contacting Employees, Vendors, Customers About Unpaid Debt

  • In attempting to embarrass business owners into paying, MCA companies may call employees, key vendors, or customers about unpaid balances.
  • Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, it is unlawful for collectors to discuss debts with third parties not obligated on the contract. Our lawyers quickly send notices threatening lawsuits over this behavior.

Negative Credit Bureau Reporting for Disputed Amounts

  • MCA companies often report business owners to credit bureaus for the entire accelerated loan balance after alleging a minor contract breach.
  • We dispute inaccurate credit reporting on the business owner’s behalf requiring the MCA provide proof and correct errors. This improves the business’ credit standing during disputes.

For each aggressive collection tactic, our Mississippi MCA defense lawyers have effective legal responses to counteract them. We aim to stop unlawful conduct while working to negotiate reasonable settlements on the business owner’s behalf.

Our Mississippi Business Debt Relief Process

Every situation a Mississippi business owner faces with an MCA company is unique, so our approach must be tailored accordingly. However, most cases will involve some combination of the following services:

1. Contract Review and Case Evaluation

We thoroughly review the MCA contract, account history, recent communications, and other facts to evaluate areas for potential legal challenges. After determining our leverage points, we provide the business owner an assessment of their situation and likely options.

2. Formal Dispute and Violation Notices

When the actions of the MCA company clearly violate consumer protection laws, we draft and send formal legal notices. These put them on alert that continued misconduct will prompt a lawsuit while often moderating their behavior.

3. Settlement Negotiations

We contact the MCA company citing identified contract weaknesses and questionable conduct as leverage to demand reduced payoff amounts and repayment terms. The goal is negotiating a reasonable settlement offer to resolve the debt.

4. Legal Defense in MCA Company Lawsuits

If sued by the MCA provider over alleged contract breaches, our lawyers defend the business owner in court. We contest improper provisions and overstated damages while reaffirming the revised settlement offer.

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5. Counterclaims Against MCA Companies

In certain cases where the MCA company’s unlawful collection attempts or contract flaws are substantial, we may file counterclaims seeking monetary damages for relevant violations. This threat can incentivize better settlement offers.Throughout the process, we apply our in-depth knowledge of Mississippi consumer protection laws and how they intersect with MCA contract disputes. The aim is using all legal angles to put business owners in the most favorable position.We recognize dealing with MCA companies can be an intimidating and confusing process for Mississippi business owners. Let us put our experience to work for you.Contact our team today at 212-210-1851 for a free consultation or visit to learn more about our services.

Why Legal Representation is Crucial for Success

Mississippi business owners who attempt do-it-yourself negotiations with predatory MCA companies often regret it. The MCA company holds all the leverage without experienced lawyers balancing the playing field.We have seen many examples of business owners agreeing to unreasonable settlement offers and repayment terms because they lacked proper legal guidance. Common mistakes made when negotiating MCA disputes without a lawyer include:

  • Admitting incorrect facts about alleged contract breaches
  • Disclosing sensitive financial statements the MCA company later exploits
  • Accepting extremely high effective interest rates of 50-200% APR
  • Signing revised contracts with only marginally better terms
  • Agreeing to wage garnishments or property liens without legal review

These missteps happen because business owners lack specialized experience handling MCA contract disputes. Our lawyers bring that knowledge to protect your interests when engaging with MCA companies.With an MCA balance of just $50,000 at an average rate of 100% APR, a business owner could pay over $100,000 in interest payments over 5 years. Yet many do-it-yourself settlements still reflect these outrageous terms.Our approach typically reduces interest rates to the single digits and payoff balances by 40-60%. We also ensure proper truth-in-lending disclosures revealing actual rates. The contrast shows why engaging a knowledgeable MCA defense lawyer is so valuable.Let our team of experts go to bat for your business. Contact us today at 212-210-1851 for a FREE consultation or visit

Why We’re Uniquely Qualified to Defend Mississippi Business Owners

Our law firm has an extensive track record successfully representing Mississippi business owners in legal disputes with MCA companies. What truly sets us apart is our comprehensive experience on both sides of these cases.In addition to defending business owners for over a decade, our founding attorneys previously worked with some of the largest MCA companies assisting in contract drafting and collections. This inside perspective of the MCA industry provides unique insights into the weaknesses of their agreements and where they are most vulnerable to legal challenges.Armed with this knowledge of MCA company inner workings, we exploit flaws and oversights:

  • Faulty contract language – We identify ambiguous or unenforceable provisions that can invalidate the entire agreement.
  • Non-compliance with state laws – MCA contracts often ignore Mississippi consumer lending statutes which we leverage in disputes.
  • Missing legal disclosures – We force correct truth-in-lending disclosures revealing hidden fees and astronomical interest rates.
  • Use of unlawful intimidation tactics – Our lawyers threaten FDCPA lawsuits over aggressive collections like harassing calls, improper third-party notices, and misrepresentation of legal options.
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Additionally, we maintain relationships with former colleagues at MCA companies which often facilitates faster negotiations and fairer treatment of our clients. Opposing attorneys recognize we are not newbies learning the MCA dispute process. We know all the intricate details and how to attack them.

This unmatched experience allows our Mississippi MCA defense lawyers to provide business owners with the most informed counsel and effective legal advocacy possible.Get the experts on your side! Contact our team today at 212-210-1851 for a FREE consultation or visit

Our Track Record of Success for Mississippi Clients

We have successfully represented dozens of Mississippi business owners in legal disputes with MCA companies of all sizes. Our clients encompass a range of industries including:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Healthcare practices
  • Construction contractors
  • Trucking companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Professional service providers

And we have secured favorable outcomes against the most aggressive MCA firms in the country such as Yellowstone Capital, Forward Financing, Kapitus, Pearl Capital, and many others.While always aiming to settle matters efficiently out of court, our lawyers are fully prepared to litigate MCA disputes at trial. Below are examples of positive results our Mississippi MCA defense team has recently obtained for business owner clients:

  • Medical practice – Negotiated $92,000 balance with Yellowstone Capital down to $32,000 with no interest or fees. 8% APR agreed for payments over 4 years.
  • Trucking company – Had $73,000 MCA balance with Forward Financing invalidated in court due to unlawful interest rates exceeding Mississippi usury caps.
  • Restaurant – Settled $51,000 lawsuit from Kapitus for $17,000 with 5% APR and 3-year term. Also won counterclaim of $8,500 for FDCPA violations which was deducted from final settlement.
  • Retail store – Pearl Capital dropped lawsuit after our lawyers uncovered failure to register properly as lenders in Mississippi as required by state law. Balance eliminated.

Why Legal Fees Should Not Deter You From Pursuing Debt Relief

We understand the irony of struggling Mississippi business owners being reluctant to spend money on an attorney when already facing heavy debts. However, viewing professional legal representation as “just another bill” is short-sighted when the potential savings are factored in.Our fees are reasonable in relation to the scale of MCA debts. More importantly, our services quickly pay for themselves through the dramatically reduced balances and improved repayment terms we regularly secure for clients.The money saved over years of future interest payments significantly outweighs our upfront costs. It is a wise investment that protects your business moving forward.We even offer flexible payment arrangements on our fees for added financial ease. This ensures money concerns are never an obstacle to obtaining the legal firepower needed to defend your interests against predatory MCA companies.Let us leverage our expertise to save you substantial sums over the long-term. Contact our team today at 212-210-1851 for a FREE consultation or visit


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