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Omaha MCA Business Debt Relief

Running a small business is extremely difficult, especially when financial struggles arise. If your Omaha business has outstanding debts from merchant cash advances (MCAs) or business loans, we may be able to help provide debt relief.Delancey Street is a dedicated team of financial experts who specialize in helping business owners settle and restructure business debt. We take an empathetic, customized approach to each client’s situation.

Why Work With Us

Here are some key reasons to choose Delancey Street for your Omaha business debt relief:

  • Free Consultation – We will conduct an in-depth review of your business finances to gain clarity on the full scope of debts owed. This allows us to provide specific advice tailored to your unique situation.
  • Experienced Experts – Our financial experts have years of experience dealing specifically with small business debt relief. We’ve helped countless clients settle or restructure their debts.
  • Customized Plans – Every business’s situation is unique, so we create customized debt relief plans to address each client’s specific debts and financial goals.
  • Attorney Support – Although we are not a law firm, we have partnerships with qualified attorneys who can provide legal guidance or representation if needed.
  • Client Agreement – Once we settle on a debt relief strategy, we will formally define the terms of services in a client agreement clearly detailing the process, expectations, and fees involved.

Our Simple 3 Step Process

If you choose to work with Delancey Street for your business debt relief, our process is very straightforward:

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1. Free Analysis and Consultation

The first step is for us to conduct a free financial analysis and consultation. This involves reviewing your current debts, finances, assets, credit, and overall situation. We’ll discuss options and make recomendations on the best path forward for your business.

2. Client Agreement

Next, we will draw up a customized client agreement detailing exactly how we’ll handle negotiating/settling your debts. This protects both parties and sets clear expectations.

3. Debt Relief Execution

We handle all negotiations with your lenders directly to settle or restructure business debts. We won’t proceed on any agreement without your final approval. Our goal is maximizing debt relief while ensuring the least financial impact on your business.Throughout the process we provide constant communication so you fully understand each step.

Why Small Business Debt Happens

Many small business owners feel ashamed when they experience financial struggles, but it’s incredibly common. Here are some of the main reasons businesses take on debts they later need relief with:

  • Cash Flow Issues – Income fluctuates but expenses remain, causing cash shortages. This forces owners to take out loans/MCAs to keep the doors open.
  • Unexpected Emergencies – Sudden business interruptions like COVID closures or supply chain issues can severely impact finances. Debt often helps bridge the gap.
  • Expansion Costs – Whether growing locations, inventory, or operations, expansion often requires substantial money/loans up front.
  • Lack of Planning – Finance planning mistakes like underbudgeting or overspending lead to consistent cash shortfalls filled by debt.

If any of these scenarios describe your Omaha business, the smartest step is being proactive about debt relief. The sooner you address outstanding debts, the easier and less damaging they are to resolve.

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Legal and Tax Implications

Two common concerns business owners have are the legal and tax implications of debt relief.The good news is debt restructuring or settlement does not lead to legal issues as long as agreements with lenders remain in good standing throughout the process. No legal action can be taken against your business unless debts go into default, which we prevent.As for taxes, forgiven debts are often considered taxable income. However, the COVID relief bill instituted an exception allowing tax-free forgiveness of up to $1 million business debts through 2025. So pursuing debt relief now allows you to maximize those savings.

Call Us Today!

If your Omaha business is struggling under the weight of debts, take back control of your finances. Call Delancey Street today at 212-210-1851 to schedule your free consultation. Our experienced team will review your situation and put together a customized debt relief plan so you can get your business back on steady footing.





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