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Toledo MCA Defense Lawyers Business Debt Relief

Our website is We are not a law firm – but we have attorneys who can help, as a part of our service.Our phone number is: 212-210-1851.

Overview of Business Debt Relief Services

Running a small business comes with many financial challenges. If you find yourself struggling with overwhelming business debt, know that there are options available to get your finances back on track. Our team of experts at Delancey Street specializes in providing customized debt relief solutions for business owners.We take an empathetic, personalized approach to assessing your situation and developing a tailored debt settlement or restructuring strategy. With over a decade of experience helping companies resolve financial issues, we have the knowledge and connections to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf.

Key Benefits We Offer

Working with us provides many advantages over trying to tackle business debt on your own:

  • Free Consultation – We will conduct an in-depth review of your business finances to gain clarity on the full scope of debts owed. This allows us to provide specific advice tailored to your unique situation.
  • Debt Settlement – If much of your debt is severely delinquent, we can negotiate discounted lump-sum payoffs between 20-50% less than what you owe. This requires creditors accepting less than the full balance.
  • Debt Restructuring – For debts not as severely behind, we may be able to negotiate alternate repayment terms, often with reduced interest rates or payments to achieve long-term sustainability.
  • Ongoing Support – Even after enrolling as a client, we provide continuous account monitoring and can re-negotiate with creditors if new issues emerge down the road.
  • Legal Guidance – Our close partnerships with business attorneys allow us to explore all legal options, including Chapter 11 reorganization if appropriate.
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Reaching out to us provides a completely free, no-obligation way to learn what debt relief solutions make sense for your small business. We welcome any questions and are happy to discuss your situation in full confidentiality. Don’t continue struggling alone – help achieving financial freedom is available.

Our Step-By-Step Business Debt Relief Process

If you decide to enroll as a client, our dedicated experts will guide you through each step:

  1. Client Agreement – Once we settle on a debt relief strategy, we will formally define the terms of services in a client agreement clearly detailing the process, expectations, and fees involved.
  2. Documentation Collection – We will request documentation to verify details on all outstanding debts as well as current business finances. Thorough records allow us to accurately represent your situation to creditors.
  3. Account Setup & Review – Our dedicated Account Management team will set up your account and review all details related to your debt portfolio and chosen resolution path.
  4. Creditor Outreach – We first contact all creditors to alert them that Delancey Street will be managing your accounts going forward. This prevents confusion down the road.
  5. Settlement/Restructure Negotiation – Our seasoned debt experts then begin the negotiation process based on the strategy defined in your client agreement. We leverage long-term relationships with creditors to achieve optimal terms.
  6. Settlement Execution & Reporting – As lump-sum settlements or alternate payment plans are formally agreed to, we ensure everything is properly documented through a settlement agreement and provide detailed reporting each step of the way.
  7. Ongoing Account Monitoring – Even after enrolling as a client, we provide continuous account monitoring and can re-negotiate with creditors if new issues emerge down the road.
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Why Delancey Street is the Right Choice

With over 85% of our clients achieving meaningful debt reduction and improved cash flow, Delancey Street has the proven strategies to resolve your business debt:

  • Industry Experience – Our extensive experience dealing specifically with small business debt gives us unique insight into achieving optimal settlements across various creditor types.
  • Tailored Plans – Each client receives customized debt relief solutions based on their unique situation rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This leads to maximum debt reduction at sustainable terms.
  • Legal Guidance – Our close partnerships with business attorneys allow us to explore all legal options in tandem with debt negotiation, including Chapter 11 reorganization if appropriate.
  • Supportive Approach – We understand the stress business debt causes and provide compassionate, judgement-free guidance focused on achieving the best possible outcome for your situation.

With a 97% client satisfaction rating, our expertise delivering proven debt relief solutions is unmatched. We encourage you to read more reviews and learn how we’ve helped business owners across the country resolve financial challenges.


Delancey Street is here for you

Our team is available always to help you. Regardless of whether you need advice, or just want to run a scenario by us. We take pride in the fact our team loves working with our clients - and truly cares about their financial and mental wellbeing.

"Super fast, and super courteous, Delancey Street is amazing"
$500,000 MCA Restructured Over 3 Years
"Thanks for helping me in literally 24 hours"
$250,000 SBA Loan Offer in Compromise
"Great choice for business owners who need a trustworthy partner"
$350,000 MCA Restructured Over 2 Years

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